One brave step towards the unknown. He is about to take flight even when a different fate seems possible – Your past is like gravity, but you can resist it. So take a step, trust your intuition, and fly.

There are years in our lives when we don’t know where we are going or what our future holds. But eventually, no matter who we are, we begin to find our way.

Ein weiteres Teil aus meiner Coarse-Collection. „Years adrift“ ist das größte Objekt in meiner Sammlung und sobald ich die entsprechenden Dübel besorgt habe, wird das Ding an der Wand montiert. Nur dann kommt das Objekt richtig zur Geltung!

Another piece from my Coarse Collection. „Years adrift“ is the largest object in my collection and as soon as I have bought the appropriate dowels, this thing will be mounted on the wall. Only then will the object really come into its own!